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Diplo Throws a Girl's Phone Into the Crowd for Getting on Stage and Wanting to Take a Selfie

Pro Tip: When you get the chance to be on stage with your favorite artist, don't ruin the moment by trying to take a selfie
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If you have ever been invited on stage at a concert before, you know that it's a hectic experience. When it happens it's impossible to really think about anything other than to be amazed that you are actually where you are. With that being said, don't let taking a selfie be the first thing you aim to do because Diplo is not going to let that happen.

World Star Hip Hop shared the video of the incident to Twitter, where a girl gets invited on stage by Diplo and she immediately tries to take a selfie, snapchat, or what ever she was trying to capture. Diplo sees the phone in her hand, grabs it, asks if the crowd wants the phone and tosses it back into the crowd in a nonchalant manner. 

Yes, only the likes of Diplo or any big name artist can get away with something like this. 

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The girl involved wasn't the least bit mad at Diplo, instead she was actually ashamed for ruining the moment. Which is probably how she or anyone else should feel. Luckily she got her phone back, but it's safe to assume that many people would be mad at Diplo for his actions. Although, if you get on stage and the first thing you do is try to take a selfie, it's probably best your phone gets chucked.

[via: Your EDM]

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