This could not be a more exciting time for underground techno in NYC as Cultivated Sound are pushing the boundaries of nightlife culture. Founded by Maŕa and Co-producer RTMC, they promote a style that blossoms in the dark and mysterious rooms of warehouses by emitting a sound that only flourishes in such an atmosphere. 

As a rising talent in the community, Maŕa blends blistering hard beats with synthetic and dulling bludgeoning bass. A fresh face in the Brooklyn techno scene. Listen to her recent mix for Infectious NYC and read more about her in the interview below.

You're deeply rooted in the NYC community, throwing your own music events through Cultivated Sound, what inspired your move to the city and how did you get involved in the scene here?

I came to Brooklyn to visit friends and linked up with RTMC who was working on music and was an avid fan of the contemporary Bushwick music scene. I was going out a lot in NYC, Queens, Miami, Vegas, & LA and was dying to come through Brooklyn, we went to Bossa Nova Civic Club the first night with his crew and I couldn't get enough of the scene down here. The heavy, knocking bass made me cringe, I loved it so much. I knew a lot of people especially owners of different club in NYC & BK so finding those underground parties was my thing and inspired me to support the scene but also create something of my own. 

I was working on launching my own music curation service and learning about production and spinning, this is why I moved to Bushwick to begin working with people with all different backgrounds, style and cultures.With my experience in events and promotion allowed me to create my own project toward producing events and parties and growing my network of artists and DJs to play shows and build a brand.

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What upcoming releases do you have planned and who are you currently working with?

We're working on putting together the first Cultivated Sound EP compilation with our favorite artists as well as tracks from myself and co-producer rtmc. Also working heavily on my first solo ep thats been in production for some time now.

Is there any artist who you would like to work with in the studio?

Right now I'm really into Paula Temple and if given the chance would love to show her around Bushwick, jam in the studio and bring her to Bossa Nova and introduce her to "that Jefftown sound."

Shout outs to your favorite NYC DJs, promoters and labels?

Shout out too: Steve Stoll, Levon Vincent, Aurora Halal, Anthony Parasole, DJ Spider, Nicuri, Patricia, Promoters/Parties: Boiler Room, Sustain Release, The Long Count, BLK Market and labels Plan B Recordings, L.I.E.S, Bunker, New York Traxx, Religion Recs, Public System Recordings. Also mad love to Das Bruno for opening up Analog BKNY.

This weekend on April 9th, Cultivated Sound will celebrate their anniversary with DJ Spider, Vereker, Myn, Grey People and of course RTMC + Maŕa. Find tickets here.

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