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Dope Gear: The Booq Daypack Is The Ultimate Pack For Your Daily Needs

This Day Pack handles your commute with ease. With plenty of room and a slim silouhuette

One of the biggest issues that I've had with backpacks in the past is the monstrous lump protruding from your back that makes you look like the hunchback of Notre Dame. You are always the guy smashing into people on public transit or crowded spaces; there is nothing more irritating than being smashed into by some idiot's lumpy pack.  

It is also tough not to look like a little kid rolling off to school with your sack lunch and juice box. For that reason, I migrated away from backpacks (even my nice Tumi one) in favor of messenger style bags. 

The Booq Day Pack helps to relieve some of these problems, aesthetically it looks techno hipster slick, and it also packs a lot in with a much slimmer silhouette. 

The pack was designed to handle up to a 16.4" laptop with padded sleeve and velcro latch to keep it in place. The pack will carry roughly 26 liters of stuff and has an easy access zipper flap and big side pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, etc. 

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Inside there is the main compartment along with laptop slot, smaller iPad sized slot, mesh pocket (be careful, this pocket is not that secure, and things fall out easily) and a zippered pocket for your more secure items. 

The backpack straps on the Black Tarp model should have probably been designed with a different material as they are a big rigid, but they are pretty comfortable considering. There is also a handy loop style handle on the top of the bag so you can hoist it up from the top. 

I took this bag with me on a recent flight to our new Denver office, and it stowed under the seat quickly and was quite comfortable as I walked around.  

Similar to some other higher end brands like Tumi and Swiss Army each Daypack features a Terralinq serial number, designed to help recover a lost & found bag.

If you are looking for a cool bag that will meet all your daily and travel needs the Booq Day Pack is worth your consideration. The Booq bag made me a fan of backpacks again, and my shoulders are a lot happier about that.

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