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There are many forms and styles of Techno that are prevalent in today's dance music culture, but Berlin's own dotwav are pushing their sound deeper into the community with a gritty, yet atmospheric motif. With 'Stroke' marking the third release on their own label KONFLKT, dotwav shows no sign of slowing down and are continuing to expand their audience thanks to their distinct sound profile.

It's true dotwav's sound is big, it's energetic and possesses a rough aspect, but there is also a delicate touch which creates their dynamic sound. This is evident on the title track to their forthcoming EP. A driving bass is met with course atmospherics while the hypnotic rhythm draws the listener into their nerve-wrecking techno trip. We got to ask them about their vision for the new music along with how the city of Berlin has affected their production style. Listen to the premiere of 'Stroke' and check out what they had to say about the new release below.

Early support from Ben Sims, DVS1, Truncate, Ø [Phase], Exium, Miss Sunshine, Milton Bradley and many others.


The tracks seem to have a dark and dystopian feel. What was your vision for producing the new music? 

Initially we didn't plan this release to be dark and dystopian. We've updated our software and hardware, bought a lot of stuff for the studio and just started playing around. At the time we produced many other tracks apart from 'Stroke' and 'Jump and Run', but we decided to pair these two up for an EP, as at KONFLKT we always aim to put a sense of 'conflict' into our releases. Our two original tracks are very different. We've got one trippy and atmospheric track with 'Stroke', and then a more energetic peak time track with 'Jump and Run' - two sorts of techno that usually don't come together. The feedback we got so far shows that it's working. Some DJs love one track but don't really know what to do with the other one and vice versa. For us it's nice to see that apparently we're putting out different facets of techno music in the same quality range. 

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You come from Berlin and your sound seems to reflect that. How has the city affected your musical output? 

We started producing Berlin underground rap music. Everyone familiar with the Berlin underground hip hop scene knows that it used to be quite aggressive music. Beat Fabrik, Aggro Berlin and the likes were really just about battle rap. When we started producing, we always tried to sound hard and aggressive, but cool and creative at the same time. The desire to sound different from others still fuels our work today and we think we wouldn't feel that inner energy if we had grown up in an different environment. Growing up in Berlin, you're directly confronted with a lot of competitors and therefore you have to learn right from the beginning how to deal with failure as well as how to push yourself through criticism and procrastination. Coming from a smaller town or a place without an active scene of producers, it might be easier to get a foot in the door. Back in the 2000’s, and even today, many people especially in Berlin call themselves producers or DJs. So yes, we believe that the city has affected us a lot and still has a great influence on our sound. 

Best setting to hear your music: warehouse or club?

Definitely warehouse. The bigger, the better! Our sound needs a lot of room to expand. Some clubs can offer that, but we've experienced that many actually lack a suitable sound system for their space. It's either way too loud, so that the sound immediately hits a wall, echoes back and pollutes the sound of the original track, or it's simply too soft so that a lot of details end up getting lost. 

Anything planned for the rest of 2016? 

We've got a lot of exciting releases coming up on our label including artists like I/Y and Hector Oaks, just to name a few. Apart from that, we will keep on producing, release on other labels and maybe start a few solo projects. Also on the top of our list are the start of our own event-series and the launch of our podcast radio show with a pretty cool and unique concept. At the end of the year we're planning to go on a brief tour around Asia, but that is still to be worked out.

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