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DVBBS Drops New Track Supporting Trump: 4 TRVMP

In a surprising move DVBBS drops a track in support of Trump?


In a surprise move, a really really surprise move, the DVBBS guys have dropped a teaser to what our sources say is a campaign anthem for the upcoming New York primary on April 16th.

In a desperate move to win over some of the sideline millennials Trump supposedly commissioned the track for roughly $500,000 to make him seem a bit more "hip" to our scene.

The track is typical big room fair with a twist, a sample of "Make America Great Again" in right after the drop. 

This unlikely collaboration comes as a surprise as multiple artists have reached out to Donald Trump to ask him specifically not to use their music. He has also made an "EDM" song before with the "Freedom Kids", but now he has taken it one step further.

The collaboration is receiving controversy as the electronic duo DVBBS are in fact Canadian, but have been promised citizenship if Donald wins. After the massive success of their song "Tsunami", DVBBS are hoping for another viral hit to solidify their place in EDM stardom. 

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You have to love Trumps innovative spirit; he's doing anything it takes to get noticed.

Makes you wonder who Bernie would hire? Probably Richie Hawtin or Carl Cox we are guessing. Stay tuned as we hope to have a copy of the full track shortly.

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