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Editors Keys Can Dramatically Speed Up Your Workflow With Ableton Live And Other Programs

Learn to work faster and smarter with these keyboard shortcuts

Learning Ableton or any other DAW for that matter is always a bit challenging and one of the fastest ways to speed up your workflow is using shortcuts. Key commands can really speed up your process but there's a catch, you have to remember them all and that's not easy when you are still learning the program too.

Editors Keys Pic

Editors Keys 

Editors Keys makes a LOT of different of keyboard skins for a variety of programs including Final Cut, Cubase, Logic, Premiere, etc. They also make actual keyboards incase you want to go a little deeper than a skin plus a ton of other great products. 

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Check out the Editors Keys website here. 

These skins and keyboards are great for beginners and pros alike as they have all the info at your finger tips for just about every short cut/key command you need. We love the fact that we can use the skins with both our Macbook Pro and our Mac Wireless keyboards and they keep your keys clean from dust and dirt.

Another great thing aside from the added protection is that they are really easy to clean, just wash them off with a bit of soap and water once they get a little grimy.

Editors Keys - Short Cuts To Improve Your Workflow

Editors Keys - Short Cuts To Improve Your Workflow

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