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FAUXCHELLA 2016 Recap- Culture Collide's "Not A Pool Party"

The epic Thursday night Fauxchella kick-off at Bardot in Palm Springs
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The Fauxchella Fomo keeps on coming. Magnetic's Rich Kim and Kimberly Hall give you the play by play recap of the Culture Collide party. 

This year’s Thursday night kick-off party was Culture Collide’s 2nd annual “Not a Pool Party,” located at Bardot night club, in the Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs.

the ticket to the land (club) of endless free drinks, swag & live music!

the ticket to the land (club) of endless free drinks, swag & live music!

KH: Swag, music, drinks, people! That was the order in which our kick-off party night began. Immediately upon check-in, you were handed a bag of Maltesers milk chocolate malted balls…yum, a visor, to keep the sun at bay and a Tilly’s branded survival fanny-pack, containing a bandanna, to endure future sandstorms (read about it here), Sun Bum lip balm for the sun-baked lips and an epic phone battery charger from Tavik.

check in for "Not a Pool Party" at Bardot - Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

check in for "Not a Pool Party" at Bardot - Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

RK: I mean, seriously we didn’t even walk into the actual club yet and BOOM we were already covered in some vital swag, geared towards making our weekend that much more bearable.

Team Fauxchella's: Kimberly Hall (KH) & Nicole Spiegel (NS)

Team Fauxchella's: Kimberly Hall (KH) & Nicole Spiegel (NS)

KH: With the music beckoning us to enter, we passed the media wall and came across a hallway of more swag. This time there was a raffle drawing from Others Follow where if you were lucky to pick the winning ticket from a bucket, you were granted access to the “take whatever you want” rack of clothes… sadly our Editor-At-Large was left out in the cold, since the majority of tonight’s goodies were definitely GIRLS ONLY.

Others Follow Clothing

Others Follow Clothing "free clothes" kisosk

If you weren’t lucky enough to pull the golden ticket for the super cute tops and shorts from Others Follow, as a consolation prize, an artist was on site to decorate your hands, arm or any other body part with henna tattoos.


RK: Yeah the swag was cool but WHAT ABOUT US MEN??? and as luck would have it, I just so happened to pull the winning ticket at the Element Eden booth, where 4 large blue & white striped “grand prize” bags sat next to smaller branded burlap sacks, which were given to everyone. Yay!!! I won…but I won a giant bag stuffed to the gills with what appeared to be the whole “festival” season line of Element Eden’s women’s clothing.

Element Eden gifting kiosk

KH: JACKPOT!!! This humongous bag was filled with tons of super soft tank tops, shortie shorts, a sweater, a bunch of hats, some towels, a wallet, aviator sunglasses and a killer survival toiletry kit filled with all of the desert festival essentials like: Advil, Visine, a first aid kit, Altoids, Coppertone sunscreen, deodorant, facial wipes, baby wipes, vitamins, tissue paper, EOS lip balm and Purell.  A gal can never be too prepared.


RK: Once again the focus was all on the girls so us fellas were forced to just be happy that the girls were happy. You know what they say, “happy girl, happy world” or if you're married “happy wife, happy life.”

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Element Eden Grand Prize Goodie Bag

Element Eden's Grand Prize Swag Bag

All this gifting and swagging can leave you severely parched, so it was time to quench that thirst! Bardot’s “U” shaped bar was capably churning out Absolut cocktails and pouring Not Your Father's root beers, at a speedy pace to keep the many patrons in an intoxicated flurry, while James Supercave performed a punchy upbeat live set on stage, opposite the bar. 

James Supercave live performance at Not a Pool Party, 2016

James Supercave live performance at Not a Pool Party, 2016

As the band played a blur of hippie-chic beauties with braids as long as their legs, danced as the singer crooned them into an entrancing state of bliss. As Supercave finished up, DJ Clifton picked up the reins and took to the decks to dish out the next round of audibles for the drunken masses. As Clifton spun the CDJs a familiar solo body began to set up shop on the stage…working under cover from the dimly lit stage lights.

Braided beauties all over the desert.

Braided beauties all over the desert.

DJ Clifton holding it down.

DJ Clifton holding it down.

Suddenly the lights brightened and an electronic podium filled with knobs and switches appeared with Dan Deacon emerging from plumes of fog and smoke. Almost immediately the dance floor became a densely packed melting pot of gyrating blonde, red and brunette beauties as Dan began to deliver his uniquely evangelical-esque deliverance of electronically and organically charged music. With thunderously-repetitive shake-all-over-beats showered by the melodious howls and aaahs of a musically maniacal genius, the dance floor was easily a NO-PASS zone unless you were dancing with the Deacon masses…this was a treat not to be missed! (check out Dan Deacon’s chop up of "We Can't Stop")

Dan Deacon

maniacal mad music genius Dan Deacon...

Drinks after drinks, beats after beats the night kept getting better and better and then it was time… the highlight of my weekend, on the first night of said weekend, had come…

Andy Rourke (the Smiths), purveyor of audible treats.

Andy Rourke (the Smiths), purveyor of audible treats.

ANDY ROURKE…bassist from The Smiths, took the music-helm and slammed “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys through the speakers, which blew my mind. After which he continued to purvey a lovely curated collection of British ear candy classics ranging from The Kinks to Madness!!!

Andy Rourke from The Smiths

Rich Kim, Editor-At-Large & Legendary Andy Rourke of The Smiths

Many of you might not remember, or even know about The Smiths, but when I was in high school, that band’s music, saved my life… and here I was many years later standing a mere 4 feet away from one of the legendary members of one of my most idolized bands.  Needless to say, I shed a couple of tears after he gave me a hug…and a photo!

And with all of that and then some, our night came to an end…

Sleeping comes easy when you’re inebriated…but don’t forsake the Laws of FauxchellaHYDRATE BITCH! HYDRATE!!! Or else you’ll be sorry in the morning.

(copy by: Rich Kim: RK & Kimberly Hall: KH / photos by: Rich Kim)

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