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It’s no secret that Bristol is quite the hub for music. And in amongst that hub, producer Facta aka Oscar Henson, has shown a steady disregard for genre, crafting techno driven beats with nods to bass, garage and dubstep.

Alongside pal and fellow producer, K-Lone, he runs label, Wisdom Teeth, and independently has a string of heavy releases on his own imprint, Bristol’s Idle Hands and Nick Jolliffe’s Tempa label.

We caught up with him to talk Limewire downloads, how Wisdom Teeth is ticking along, and his forthcoming EP on Bloc’s label arm.

We're going to start off by delving deep. Casting your mind way back, what's your first musical memory?

My parents have a video of me dancing naked on the dining room table to 'Fernando' by Abba. I think I was about two. That tune still bangs.

Yes it does! So moving things forward, when and what were your first ventures into producing? Had that always been the end goal?

My first ventures involved me trying to record myself playing guitar and singing from the age of 7 or 8. By the age of 14 I must have recorded about three or four albums of original material using whatever bits of software I could download from Limewire. The basic formula involved taking a Green Day song, changing the lyrics a bit and banging some drum machines under it. I wish it was still that easy! I started making electronic music when I was about 14 or 15. At first it was mainly (bad) bassline and grime, and then on to dubstep. All of it was bad until about three years ago.

You're quite the vinyl head, which is also an element you peddle with your label, Wisdom Teeth's releases. Can you list a few vinyl you've copped that hold a lot of significance for you?

This list would mainly involve the dubstep records that I grew up battering. 'Blue Notez' by Mala has its own special sleeve, if that counts?

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You run Wisdom Teeth with K-Lone and it's been going strong for a couple years now. What was the original philosophy behind the label? Is it heading in the direction you want it to?

The rough plan was to release weird, broken-beat dance music on wax. It's gone pretty well so far I think!

And you've recently linked up with Bloc for your forthcoming EP Alsatian/Scotch Mist, how did that come about? Was it exciting to work with them?

Hodge introduced me to Rubin (Bloc's A&R) via a very short email – I think it just said something along the lines of "you should sign this guy". I sent over some tunes, 'Scotch Mist' was one of them and it got earmarked as a potential at that point. Then nothing really happened until I fired over 'Alsatian' about 7 or 8 months later. I'm really happy to be involved with the label. I've always respected Bloc as an institution and have had some of the best parties of my life at their Weekenders, so it feels good to join the family.

What's on the horizon this year for both Facta and Wisdom Teeth? Anything we should know about?

After the Bloc release I have an EP coming out on Berceuse Heroique's Ancient Monarchy imprint. This features two original tracks, plus a mental remix by October. After that I have a bunch of other stuff in various stages of completion that I can't talk about just yet. In terms of Wisdom Teeth, we have the next few records lined up, but life gets in the way sometimes so they'll come out when we have time to give them our full attention. More info soon, basically!

Alsation/Scotch Mist is out 2 May via Bloc. 

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