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Fred V and Josh Grafix, Hospital's kings of the mix, are well respected in the liquid sphere for releasing blinder after beautiful blinder. Currently on the brink of opening the floodgates on their second album and with a few top tunes already peeking cheekily over the horizon, Magnetic were keen to squeeze them anaconda-like for some juicy details. How did we go? Well, they can't tell us the name, or the release date, but they did drop a tidbit in our laps regarding their upcoming 15 tracker that has us very excited indeed.

But that's not all - we've got sexy girls, sweaty boys, In-N-Out burger, funky comb chat and a callout for name suggestions on a Frafix/S.P.Y/Etherwood threesome all to be found below...

Yeah. We'll keep trying.

You just got back from the U.S tour - how was it! Highlights please...

FV: Too many highlights to mention but the sold out LA show can't be forgotten! The club we played at is called 'Avalon' and was a theatre before it was a club; it has a layout like Brixton Academy but slightly smaller. Vibes all night. All the shows seem to blur into one but they were all sick. At most of the shows we played back-to-back sets with S.P.Y and Etherwood, the best one was in Vancouver. Hopefully we can do more B2B sets again, we just need a group name. Open to suggestions!

And much more importantly, what was the best thing you ate??

G: Food in North America is always something to shout about - we got into this habit of going straight for an early dinner after we landed in the next city of the tour, where we would eat until we would pretty much pass out, and get a good 2-3 hour food coma induced disco nap before the show. We ate a lot of great sushi, lots of chicken wings, and of course the obligatory stop at In-N-Out.

Are you able to tell us a little about the new album… [WARNING EXCLUSIVE INCOMING!!!]

G: We haven’t actually announced this to anyone yet, but we were really lucky and honoured to be able to do a track with Kele. Fred & I are both big Bloc Party fans; Silent Alarm is just one of those albums that will always be remembered. So getting him in the studio to record vocals was a real moment for us - we’re looking forward to people hearing it.

FV: The album has taken a long time to make and we're really pleased with it. We think it's way better than our first one, so hopefully it will make people dance. We can't tell you the title just yet.

Did you have an idea of what you wanted the new album to sound/feel like or is that something you’ve mashed out along the way?

G: I think the main thing was to really show all that influences us in music; it’s a lot clearer on this album than our first one, which is partly due to how we’ve grown and improved as producers. It’s got 15 tracks on it, and it feels like every track has its purpose, there aren't really any ‘filler’ tracks in our eyes. Our pot of music for this album was very big, so getting it down to just 15 tracks we were all happy with was actually very tricky. I think that was our real ‘idea’ with this album - to be happy with every single track on the record.

It’s been a couple of years since the last one and it seems there’s a bit of fan pressure to adhere to the classic Frafix sound - how are you feeling about that?

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FV: Yes, we've read all the tweets/comments that say this. From our point of view it's hard to see a huge change in our sound because we're making music every day and the sound changes gradually - so we never feel like we've changed our sound. I guess the main turning point was getting signed to Hospital because we could no longer use samples without getting them cleared. This is probably one of the main reasons we have so many guitars in our tunes. Also, I think our pre-Hospital sound was essentially just ripping off Netsky's old sound, which is why we moved away from it. I think a lot of the stuff from our new album is a lot more original.

The video for ‘Ultraviolet’ is a beaut! Did you guys have much creative input in making the clip?

Stefano Margaritelli did the video for Ultraviolet, big shout to him for making it look so great.

Can I cast you back in time for a mo - how long did it take you to gel as a duo and what do you feel the other brings to the table?

FV: We were both pretty bad at making music when we first met each other but having a production partner with very similar taste was massively beneficial. I think we gelled pretty quickly! I remember the first track we made had a sample from 'Everlong' by the Foo Fighters. Very emosh! Wish I could find the old project file…

Do you have pre-set rituals or routines that help boost you up pre-set? 

Well, it’s nothing too thrilling, just as you’d expect - have a drink or 5, then get up on stage and see what happens!

If you had to sum up your fan base, what two words would you each use?

G: Sexy girls...
FV: Sweaty boys.

And finally, the big question on our brains….what in the bloody world is a comb funk?

Well, it was actually a working title that stuck, comb filters and that - but like the thought of a comb funk being a thing! Open to suggestions of what it could be...

All I can think of is roosters Frafix so I'm staying well out of that one! Instead I will just direct you all here: Order Ultraviolet, buy it - get it right around your mush!

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