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Friction's Dare EP is The Future of Drum and Bass

Gorillaz inspired Drum and Bass with a futuristic motif
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The new EP entitled Dare from respected drum and bass artist, Friction, is a bonafide dance floor filler. After receiving a great reaction from his original bootleg of the 2005 hit of the same name, he decided to make it official. Drawing inspiration from the Gorillaz classic, the title track features vocals from the original singer of the catchy hook in ‘Dare’, Roses Gabor.

Forthcoming on newly formed Elevate Audio, the Dare EP is an upbeat and compelling mix that fits Friction’s vision for the new label perfectly. As a purveyor of many different styles of drum & bass who produces a variety of high energy dance music, Elevate Audio was the perfect source to showcase what might not be a fit for Shogun. Channeling an old school underground tone throughout, each track delivers a fully rounded and defiant sound that is a massive first release for the label.

‘Find our Way’ presents a lighthearted yet driving beat laced with triumphant horns, complimenting ‘Dare’ perfectly and is a guaranteed party track. ‘Connected’ and ‘Hyperion’, the latter a collaboration with Fourward, keep the energy high for the solid 4 track release.

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Full release date April 15, 2016 Worldwide. Purchase Here


1. Friction-Dare (Hold it Down) (Available now on Beatport and iTunes)
2. Friction-Connected
3. Friction & Fourward-Hyperion
4. Friction-Find our Way

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