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Gallant Teams up with Sufjan Stevens For Heartfelt Cover of Prince's 'Purple Rain' at Coachella

Watch Gallant and Sufjan Stevens cover 'Purple Rain' as a tribute to Prince at Coachella.
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As the music industry continues to morn the death of Prince, this past weekend was filled with countless tributes by live musicians and DJs the world over. Many expressed their admiration on social media, but those who took to the stage did what they could to show how much Prince influenced their own sense of style and creativity. 

One of our favorite tributes to surface had to be the cover of 'Purple Rain' by Gallant and Sufjan Stevens at Coachella. With a purple aura in the air, the musicians on stage poured their hearts out with their rendition. Gallant's unique vocal range perfectly suites the track while Sufjan Stevens carries the song on guitar. Luckily a fan captured the moment on video for the world to see. Enjoy.

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