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Gorillaz Share Studio Footage and Tease New Album

Footage of studio sessions reveal insight into the new Gorillaz album coming soon
Gorillaz (photo by Ian T. McFarland)

Gorillaz performing at Coachella (photo by Ian T. McFarland)

When word broke out about Gorillaz working on a new album, fans everywhere were eagerly awaiting more information. We were left with more questions than answers, but knowing that new music was on the way was enough to get us anxious to learn more.

The band's illustrator and co-founder, Jamie Hewlett, first broke the news back in October 2015 and frontman Damon Albarn confirmed the rumors just days later. 

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Now we have been given more proof in the form of a series of Instagram posts showing the band at work in the studio. We are not actually given any new music, just snapshots revealing that studio sessions have been underway and the creative juices are flowing. Watch the videos below to see what Gorillaz have been up to.

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