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Headphone Review: The AKG K182 Studio Monitor

This is a great headphone for the entry level Hip Hop or EDM producer
The AKG 182

The AKG 182

AKG's K182 latest offering in the monitor headphones line comes in at roughly a $99 street price and is targeted at the on the go prosumer. 

Yes, there are a LOT of studio monitor headphones out there, but many are going to be either too flat or too expensive for the newbie producer.

So if you are an experienced producer or high-end audio type, you should just tune out now as this headphone is not for you. The AKG K182 was designed with the mobile entry level producer in mind with its compact fold-up design, fuller bass, and lower price point. 

For starters, you will notice right away that the headphone is mostly made of plastic, although it does seem fairly durable. There are some aluminum pieces in there to give it some weight and strength as well. 

The headphones come with a 3-meter long detachable cable (mini three pins xlr connection), 1/4 inch adapter and a carrying pouch. The headphones fold flat to create a small footprint for traveling which is one of the cool features about these; they are truly designed for mobile DAW users. 

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The AKG K182's fold flat for easy storage

The AKG K182's fold flat for easy storage

Unfortunately, you have to buy other cables if you want a shorter one, as the 3-meter cable is just too long to roll with when you travel. AKG should have packaged two cables with these headphones at this price point, and one should have included a mic because most mobile guys will use these as all around headphones. 

Slim and Compact 

Slim and Compact 

The headphones have a nice slim profile as you can see in the picture above and fit snugly with just the right amount of clamp. The pleather style earpads provide ample comfort for long sessions and isolate the sound quite well. I wore them on a 3-hour flight almost straight through and had no problems, the padding in the headband and easily adjustable fit help dial in comfort pretty quickly. 

The soundstage on these headphones is cramped, and I wouldn't recommend listening to acoustic, classical or jazz on them as they just don't deliver with these genres. However, the tuning does work well for Hip Hop, Electronic, and some rock. I listened to the new Sasha Scene Delete album on these twice, and it was decent. So if you are producing/ listening to more bass heavy tunes like EDM and Hip Hop, you'll be ok. 

The K182 performs well for its price point and target demo, this is a nice headphone for around a hundred bucks and an excellent option for someone looking for a monitor style headphone to use with Ableton, etc. 

Is it for you?

If you have just started producing and are looking for an all around headphone that will work for everything from producing to DJing and even just listening the K182 is worthy of your cash. 

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