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Headphone Review: The Samson Z45 Professional Studio Headphones

Looking for the perfect hybrid headphone that will work for both DAW monitoring and DJing?

I'm new to the Samson brand, but my initial out-of-the-box reaction was that these guys are making a very nice headphone for the price point. 

The construction reminded me of my old school Sony monitors that I started out with when I first started DJing. A simple design with collapsable, 90-degree rotating ear cups with real lambskin cushioning instead of the go to pleather on most headphones at this price point. 

The Samson Z45 is kind of a hybrid headphone that works well in both a studio monitoring capacity and DJ monitoring, which is perfect for entry level (or budget conscious) guys that need a little bit of both and can't afford two sets of headphones. The headphones are comfortable enough for longer studio sessions and built well enough to take the rigors of the road as well. 


The Z45's give you a nice rich mid range, which you don't get in your average DJ/Studio hybrid headphone which tends to lean on the highs and mids for the most part. These headphones are perfect for DJ/Producers that are mixing more sophisticated styles of music like Downtempo, Broken Beat, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Jazz and even some involved House music. 

You can really hear those subtle sounds that are often critical when you are trying to create longer smooth harmonic mixes. 

These will also work great when you are on the road and working on Ableton, or your DAW of choice, and need to get some decent referencing. While they are not the most accurate, they will certainly do the trick for your sketch sessions and even more evolved track creation. 

However, you will want to get a pair of proper reference monitors if you start getting more serious about your production. 

Coming back to fit, the Z45's light weight and closed back design provide the perfect balance of comfort and isolation. Often you get too much clamping force with DJ style headphones, but the Samson got it just right. 

You get a simple case that can carry the headphones when folded up, a quarter inch adapter and two detachable cables (straight and coil) for both the DJ booth and studio environments. 

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If you are just starting to get into DJing and Producing, this is the perfect hybrid headphone for both of those needs. The quality of construction and sound is hard to beat at $149.00.

Z45 Professional Studio Headphones Specs:

• Ideal for professional recording and DJ reference

• Tuned for a natural, smooth mid-range

• Lightweight, low-profile design with genuine lambskin cushioning

• Collapsible, closed-back design with 90° rotating ear cups

• Premium 40mm drivers with rare earth magnets

• 15Hz–22kHz frequency response

• Detachable 8’ straight and 4’–10’ coiled cables

• 1/4″ adapter and protective carry pouch included

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