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How To (Not) Be A DJ

Everything you need to know to get your DJ career on the right track, or off it
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The comedic outfit over at IFHT recently shared a video called "How To Be A DJ," that takes on the challenge with a light-hearted approach.

"For this video we took the stereotypes within the DJ/electronic music scene and put them into a step by step tutorial on how to be the next big DJ."

Follow DJ Vod Van Cran as he gets the right look, develops his brand, finds a ghost producer and lands his first gig. Oh, and don't forget to turn up the bass. 

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Watch the video below and have a good laugh.

If you really want to become a good DJ, you should get some turntables, a mixer, records and start playing till you can't stand up anymore. Learn to beatmatch and know your music. Don't take the easy way. Never touch the sync button. And just have a genuinely good time falling in love with the music. 

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