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How To Recover From The Post-Coachella Blues

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This year was one of the best ever at Coachella – you only have to watch their thank you video to see how astonishing it really was! Post-Coachella depression is a real struggle, leaving the utopian, hedonistic dream of the festival to return to the daily grind is tough. In times like this, it’s important to take care of your body and mind, treat yourself and revamp your lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to recover from the post-Coachella blues.    

Take Up a New Hobby

If you are feeling completely bored by normal life since returning from Coachella, and your job and typical weekend activities just aren’t cutting it anymore, then give yourself something new and exciting to do. Maybe you have always wanted to take up kite boarding, or you have been meaning to try yoga, or it could be something as simple as completing more creative writing? Did you ever get around to starting that music blog you promised you’d start at the beginning of the year? Now is the time for new beginnings, so check out this page on how to start an online writing endeavor, which is probably a lot more affordable and easier than you think. Whatever hobby or side project you choose, just make sure you’re following your passion, because if there’s anything that Coachella taught us, it’s to do what we love.


Chill with a New Playlist

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Coachella may be over but Beyoncé has just released a new album and it’s breaking the internet. Dedicate an evening to your sofa, order takeout and watch her new visual album Lemonade, it might make you cry with memories of the festival, but it will be cathartic. Or, if Beyoncé isn’t your thing, you could watch Detroit Swindle’s live streamed DJ set from Brazil, or just simply play one of your favorite albums. There’s nothing like a bit of music therapy.



Now this might not be everyone’s favorite word, but chances are that you indulged a bit too much at Coachella, so you’ll be needing to give your body a bit of time to reset and cleanse. There are many different ways to detox, from raw food diets to liquid diets, but doing something as simple as taking up some regular exercise and eating more fruit and veg can make a whole lot of difference.


Plan Your Next Party

If none of the above are working for you, seek out your next party or festival. How about the Weather Festival in Paris? A three-day open air techno and house marathon will surely rekindle your love of life. We are not ones to deprive you of your right to dance, and if that’s the only way to heal those post-Coachella blues, so be it.Co

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