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Ibiza Travelers To Be Hit With New 'Tourist Tax' This Summer

Travelers in Malta, Majora, Manorca, and Ibiza will all be affected by the new tax
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If you are heading to Ibiza this summer, you will be experiencing a slight increase in prices as a new 'Sustainable Tourist Tax' was recently put in place. All the money gained through this new tax will be used for protecting the island's resources.

The Balaeric governement, which includes the islands of Ibiza, Majorca, and Menorca, have issued the new tax that will be put in place beginning July 1. The "eco tax" is expected to add another £11 a week per person, with the sum to be paid on arrival or departure from the area the individual is staying.

Depending on the location, the price will vary. Those staying at a hostel or camping can expect to pay 50 cents per person per night and those staying in luxury hotels are expected to pay €2 per person per night.

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Whether or not this new tax will drive tourists away remains to be seen, but according to the UK travel association called Abta, the tax “will have the unintended consequence of driving tourists away from the islands”.

Although this new tax may seem overbearing, other cities around the world already have similar taxes in place for tourists, like New York City and in Britain.

[via: The Independent]

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