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Industry Spotlight: The Creation Process Behind Your Favorite All Over Tee Is Insane is known for their dye sublimated tees, here's how it's done
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Dye Sublimation brings out bright vibes 

Patience is a virtue that most of us don't have much off in today's on-demand world. From Amazon Prime to Grubhub, we get what we want almost as fast as we want it, hell pretty soon there will be drones dropping off our six packs on the front step. 

Not everyone, however, believes in doing it fast; sometimes you need to go the distance to do something unique. In this case, we are talking about the dye sublimation process that goes into those festival faves that so many people are rocking these days. 

Some of iEDM's Hoodie Designs

Some of iEDM's Hoodie Designs

You know the ones, they look like a highly detailed picture was transferred onto a tee or hoodie, often crazy designs that will grab anybody's attention.

Much like the tie-dye was a staple of hippie culture the dye sublimation is the go-to for modern festival culture. The thing that both these festival faves have in common is that they both take time to make. 

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The dye sublimation process is pretty crazy as you can see from the video below. These tees are not your typical silk screen or photo transfer; this process is quite a bit more involved. 

Even on bedding... 

Even on bedding... 

The guys at have been using this method for a while now, and while it's not the fastest way to get t-shirts and other gear made it sure does create one high-quality/high impact garment. The big difference aside from the vibrant colors and photo-realistic graphics is that they won't wear out or peel off like silk screens. The print also covers all of the fabric on the product which you can see in the video below. 

So next time you order your dye sublimation gear, you can be confident in knowing that you are waiting for a good reason. You can peep more designs at

With iEDM's made to order times averaging just about seven days, you are getting one of the fastest delivery times out there. 

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