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Jefferson909 Delivers a Mix Packed With Deep and Driving House Music [Premiere + Interview]

Ahead of their upcoming event with Adana Twins, we link up with Jefferson909 in NYC to chat about the unique vision behind their music and share an exclusive guest mix
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Jefferson909 consists of NSR and Skyler Gross, two producers/DJs from NYC who are pushing the boundaries of the underground scene by throwing warehouse events that showcase a dynamic variety of dance music. 

Their latest offering comes in the form of a guest mix that features their distinct sound profile, delivering an outstanding collection of deep and driving House music guaranteed to liven up any dancefloor. We got the chance to ask them about their origin, influences and what we can expect from them moving forward. Listen to the mix below, which features an unreleased original at the end, and be sure to catch them along with Adana Twins, Dgro, Wig Wam and Day Cart on May 13 at a secret warehouse location in Brooklyn. Purchase Tickets Here


Tell me a bit about Jefferson909 and how you guys came together.

Noah: Jefferson909 is a project we started a couple years ago in Skylers apartment in Brooklyn. We would see each other out and have these drunken conversations like, “yo, I fuck with you, you like ill music, lets make a record.” A lot of times those drunken conversations never materialize. Sky kept following up about this idea he had and a few weeks later we banged out a jam in a couple of hours. We decided to keep it moving. Here we are.

How would you describe your musical style to someone who has never heard you before?

Skyler: It’s a little dark, it’s a little sensual and it definitely has a Hip Hop vibe to it. We both grew up on Hip Hop because it’s the best, so we want that to come though.

What about the NYC dance music community allows for your creativity to

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Noah: I was born and raised in New York City on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Traveling to different neighborhoods as a kid exposed me to tons of different styles of music. I think it’s really important to be open-minded as a consumer of music. The beautiful thing about dance music is it’s about a vibe, not necessarily a specific song. It allows you to take liberties and be creative in your sets.

The dance music community here is huge, diverse and growing. Because there is so much interest and so many people are contributing (whether good or bad), it’s made the contributors (DJs, party throwers, etc) step their game up. You really have to think outside the box. It’s also spawned some really dope niche scenes that are pushing the boundaries both production-wise and musically.

My friends and I just threw our Might Get Weird party series in the secret back room of a fried chicken and pizza spot and Skyler is doing some cool things with Chromed.

You have Chromed coming up, tell me a bit about the motif behind the event series and what artists you tend to feature.

Skyler: Chromed started as a party to showcase local talent and bring different groups of like-minded people together for a common purpose. The party has also grown to showcase local visual artists, focusing on technology and a futurist aesthetic. This upcoming Chromed is kind of the culmination of that: really blowing out the design (turning the venue into the inside of a spaceship) and bringing on our first headliners in the Adana Twins.

What should we look forward to from Jefferson909 in the future?

Noah: Lots of new material. Parties all over the world. We’re also only rocking minks in the winter time.

Skyler: traxxxx. A podcast. Then the world tour. 

Adana Twins, Jefferson909, Dgro, Wig Wam and Day Cart: May 13 at a secret warehouse location in Brooklyn. Purchase Tickets Here


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