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Back in February we announced former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante would be releasing a Jungle and Footwork inspired EP, which got fans amped with anticipation to hear his unique take on electronic music. Now we are graced with even more news of the release, along with a view inside the artist's expansive studio.

The forthcoming EP, titled Foregrow, will see Frusciante back on Acid Test, the same label that released his Trickfinger debut last year. Although we speculated he would lean toward genre's of Footwork and Jungle, he describes the new music as something entirely different, simply "adventurous electronic music." 

To get an idea of his sound, check out Frusciante's album of electronic experiments, consisting of tracks with an Aphex Twin motif and available as a free download. He's also shared details of the upcoming release, which you can read below:

On April 16th I am releasing an EP on the Acid Test label. It consists of 4 electronic pieces of music recorded in 2009. This was the period when I started recording my machines and synths onto a computer, using the program Renoise. Though I was still using the TB-303 quite often, I had moved away from making strictly Acid House music. There is no stylistic genre which this music fits into. I was just pushing my machines really hard, and constantly trying things which I had never done before. I would just describe it as adventurous electronic music. Throughout this time, I was also making a great deal of music with Speed Dealer Moms, and those experiences definitely informed my experimental approach. In fact, one song’s programming began in a hotel room in London, with the intention of performing it with SDM at the Bangface Weekender rave in 2009, but we ended up having to cancel due to faulty rental equipment.

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Some of the programming and production techniques were inspired by people like Venetian Snares, AFX, Squarepusher, Gescom, DMX Crew, The Railway Raver, Ceephax Acid Crew, Luke Vibert, and Autechre. Martin Hannett’s production of Joy Division, and things like Depeche Mode, Heaven 17s first record, New Order, and early Human League, were also influential on this Jstuff. But musically, it is my approach to synthesis, my sense of melody, and my sense of rhythm, which give this music its style, whatever one wishes to call it. 

Foregrow EP Tracklist:

A1. Foregrow
A2. Expre'act
B1. Lowth Forgue
B2. Unf

John Frusciante's Foregrow EP is due to be released April 16th via Acid Test.

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