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Kanye West and TIDAL Sued for Tricking People into Signing up for The Streaming Service

Kanye West said his album would never be available anywhere else but TIDAL, which has resulted in legal trouble for the Hip Hop icon and the streaming service
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Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

Kanye West and TIDAL are being sued for falsely advertising The Life Of Pablo as an exclusive and subsequently tricking the public into signing up for the streaming service.

Many are well aware of Kanye's Twitter antics, which are outlandish, opinionated, and entertaining. He's never been one to shy away from saying exactly what's on his mind, but it looks like he should have been more restrained as he is now on the wrong end of a class-action lawsuit against him and the streaming platform. 

When the album was released supposedly as an exclusive to TIDAL, a large number of fans needed to sign up for the service if they wanted to listen to the album. Kanye declared the album would only ever be on TIDAL, but as that is not the case anymore, a group of fans led by Justin Baker-Rhett have banned together to take legal action.

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Kanye West

“Mr. Baker-Rhett believes that superstars are required to follow the same rules as everyone else,” says Jay Edelson, Baker-Rhett's lawyer told Pitchfork, “even if their streaming service is struggling, they can’t trick millions of people into paying money (and giving up personal information) just to boost valuation numbers.”

Whether Kanye and TIDAL intentionally deceived the public is up for debate, but the move did bring increased attention to the streaming platform, resulting in millions of people signing up for the first time. 

We'll be watching this lawsuit to see whether or not the fans can get justice. Check back for more details as they arise.

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