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Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Adele and More Recognized as TIME's Most Influential People of 2016

TIME unveils the 100 most influential people of 2016 with many familiar faces
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Kendrick Lamar (photo by Jørund Føreland Pedersen)

Kendrick Lamar (photo by Jørund Føreland Pedersen)

TIME released their top 100 most influential people of 2016 and among the list of world leaders, pioneers, icons, titans and artists are Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Adele, Aziz Ansari, Leonardo Dicaprio and many more. Each tribute is written by another iconic figure in today's society, who tells us why the believe each member was chosen.

Alicia Garza, an activist for Black Lives Matter, on Kendrick Lamar pushing the boundaries: “Kendrick should be applauded for inviting us to face things that are uncomfortable, for celebrating our will to survive and for being audacious enough to grapple with the questions that we all need to answer if we ever hope to get free.”

Lil Wayne on Nicki Minaj setting an example: "She’s an icon, a boss and a role model to all these young girls out here on how to do it the right way. Her work ethic speaks volumes and has yielded these results. The scary thing is she’s still going. Ha! Nicki Minaj will go down as one of the best to do it in the history of music."

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence on Adele's sincerity and drive: "Growing up. Changing in some ways and being stuck forever in others. Being so young with the most successful career in the world. She says, 'I wish I could live a little more, look up to the sky, not just the floor.' The way she is able to capture herself, and then in turn us, has turned her into a star that’s not a star we look at, but a giant star with its own gravity that we are drawn to."

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of Comedy Central's Broad City on Aziz Ansari and his hit show on Netflix, Master Of None: "Each episode is its own little experience: the way Aziz talks about his ethnicity and career is so interesting, and the entertainment-industry world he writes about is hysterical and on point."

US Secretary of State John Kerry praised Leonardo DiCaprio not just for his acting, but for his work as an environmental activist: "Preparation, authenticity and smarts are at the core of who he is as an artist. But I admire him even more for putting those formidable tools toward becoming such a galvanizing force to protect our planet. Since 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has provided grants to conservation projects in more than 44 countries."

You can find the full list on TIME’s website.

[above photo by Jørund Føreland Pedersen]

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