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Ladies and gentleman, we are absolutely elated to premiere to you the song “Dark Shapes” by Kronic featuring the enrapturing voice of Nikki Jean. Here is a song that bears a tremendous weight of past pains that run so deep they can never be forgot. It is an attention-commanding work with a beautifully painful duet that feels like Massive Attack meets chill trap.

The concept of the song revolves around the fact that thoughts and moments diminish the more you relive them. Then, they slowly fade into abstractions; a very painful state of affairs for anyone that has loved and lost.

Southern Australian electronic music phenom Kronic is stepping out on his own with this lead single from his impending opus “Sophisticated Ignorance” (coming in late May, so stay tuned!). If you aren't familiar with him just yet, you should know he has already been in your ears for a minute. Kronic has risen the ranks producing for major pop music heavies like Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Lil Jon, and Justin Bieber to name a few.

"'Dark Shapes' refers to the memories of someone you have lost, or the fantasy of lusting for someone who is forbidden. You keep trying to picture them, but the more you do, the more the image loses detail and fades to the dark.” - Kronic

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What is the story of Kronic to date? As an act in off itself, and you as a musician.

As a musician, I started DJ’ing over a decade ago at house parties in Adelaide. As I became involved in songwriting and production, my music tastes broadened and I found a new audience in dance music. While I’m proud of everything I’ve made, I was focused on making music for other people - writing songs for people to dance to, for DJ’s to play etc. My music has allowed me to travel extensively, and over the last twelve months I’ve been going through an evolution as a musician, moving from entertainer to artist. As an entertainer, my main job was to create songs that dance floors would react to, but as an artist, all I care about is translating the ideas in my head to the best song possible, no matter what anyone else thinks.

What are some definitive Kronic songs?

If this is you’re first time experiencing this, you are about to experience something so cold! "Feel Thatwith Taylor Gang signee, all round bad ass, Raven Felix, is one of my well known records, and kind of kick-started my hip-hop & electronic crossover style. "Hey Ho" is an older record of mine that remains a highlight of my live shows. Even though it’s an uptempo record, It’s based around the old hip hop “heeeeeyy, hoooooo” chant, so it has a certain familiarity even to audiences who have never heard it before.

I produced Lil Jon & Tyga’s "Bend Ova", which I consider one of my defining records. It’s a hip hop track that incorporates electronic elements, rather than just Jon jumping on an EDM beat. That track opened a lot of doors for me, and for most people in North America, that was their first introduction to Kronic.

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