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Like Mike Tackles Stage Crasher at Tomorrowland [Video]

It was all smiles for the stage crasher until Like Mike threw him down
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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Invading the stage is looked at as a big party foul in the music industry, but often is brushed aside if the individual is respectful to the artists. That was not the case during Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's performance at Tomorrowland Brazil as a stage crasher was ambushed by security and wrestled down by Like Mike himself.

A fan at the music festival managed to sneak backstage and waited for the opportune moment to run up and kiss Dimitri Vegas on the cheek. It wasn't long before security stormed the stage and Like Mike, who may have been jealous, helped stomp out the unlucky fan. 

At least he didn't do a backflip onto the turntables during DJ Harvey like the guy at FYF, and he didn't throw himself into the equipment like that guy during Zoogma at Camp Bisco. 

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The fan did manage to record the whole experience and has posted the video to Youtube. A separate video shows what the situation looked like from the fans' perspective. Watch below.

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