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So, it's Friday and what better way to get the weekend started then a right proper downtempo premiere from Lisbon Kid? Here is a laid-back tune that is the perfect kick back to, take a moment and just be. 

The british narrator tells the tale we all know too well, of the everyday goings on and the constant pursuit of the ever so elusive weekend. All the while, delightful electronica lazily, sexily strolls about working up a wonderful groove. Press play, and let this soundtrack your next big weekend that is so close you can taste it.

"Another shit day at work. My boss is still pissing me right off. Dickhead." - Lisbon Kid 

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Lisbon Kid is an alt acoustic electronica duo that pride themselves on making music that is ideal for the night before. With plenty of experience in a wide range of genres from techno to rock to indie pop, Lisbon Kid is poised to make waves with their impending debut album, S-T, that is just on the horizon. 

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