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Listen: 2016 Fauxchella Road Trip Playlist On Spotify

something to listen to on your way to the's the 2016 fauxchella, thrown back & forth, Coachella playlist...
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#TeamFauxchella Returning To Coachella

#TeamFauxchella Returning To Coachella

Here's a little playlist of eclectic ear candy for your upcoming Fauxchella or Coachella road trip.  Team Fauxchella's "thrown back & forth" list of songs will tickle your audibles with a tiny bit of the new and a whole lot of the others from past years.

Fauxchella events have never been secluded by the boundaries of music genres so I decided to follow suit and put together a collection of yummies perfectly designed to car-seat-boogie to while you take the 1-3 hour drive out to the Coachella Valley.  With that being said, sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy.

Want to know where all the great parties are at, check out the Ultimate Fauxchella Party List - All the info you need to find the epic side and after parties.

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