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Magnetic Is Now On Spotify: Coachella Road Trip Playlist

Magnetic's Julianna Kovacs has selected some top shelf electronic jams for your road trip
Julianna Kovacs

Julianna's Road Trip Jams 

Yeah yeah, we know. We should have been on Spotify a long ass time ago but we will make it up to you with a ton of dope playlists and charts. 

For our first playlist Magnetic's  Julianna Kovacs has selected some of her favorite jams of the moment to help make your journey to Indio a little less painful. (Hint. Don't leave on Friday afternoon, leave on Thursday night!)

From Black Coffee to Major Lazer, this is a top shelf playlist of certified stellar cuts. From Housey to Chilled, these tunes will get you in the mood. Stay tuned for Rich Kim's Fauxchella Road Trip Playlist for those of you that are going to the desert but sticking to the Fauxchella events. 

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