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Mala Announces Forthcoming Album on Brownswood Recordings

Mala follows his standout debut album with 'Mirrors', inspired by his experience in Peru


Dubstep innovator and pioneer Mala has announced his second album, Mirrors, will be released this June via Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings.

Inspired by his trips to Peru, Mala explores the various rhythms and textures he encountered. With that in mind, the forthcoming album will feature various musicians to add to the motif. Colectivo Palenke, Danitse, Asociacion Juvenil Puno and Sylvia Falcón are all involved. 

The new material sees Mala follow up his critically acclaimed debut album, Mala In Cuba, which featured recording sessions that took place in Havana in 2012. 

Check out the album trailer below to see clips of studio Mala's sessions and head over to Bandcamp to listen to the first single off the album titled 'Kotos'. 

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01. Kotos feat. Asociacion Juvenil Puno
02. Dedication 365
03. Cusco Street Scene
04. They're Coming
05. Shadows
06. Cunumicita performed by Danitse
07. Take Flight
08. The Calling
09. Inga Gani
10. Looney
11. Markos Swagga
12. Zapateo feat. Colectivo Palenke
13. Sound Of The River feat. Sylvia Falcón
14. 4 Elements 

Mirrors is set to be released June 10 via Brownswood Recordings.

Mala Mirrors

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