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Few people on this planet are as knowledgeable about dance music as Mike Huckaby. The Detroit native has been a strong purveyor of Deep House and Techno over the years, building a critically acclaimed reputation for his eclectic selection and seamless all vinyl DJ sets. If you get the chance to witness this man go to work, don't sleep on it. 

Huckaby's skill behind a pair of turntables is a marvel to witness and he will be gracing the decks at Good Room in Brooklyn this Friday, April 15 with Basic Soul Unit, Soramimi and Ne Sileas (tickets available here). Ahead of the upcoming gig, he selects his top 5 records, ranging from a secret weapon to a few timeless classic and even a more recent techno heater. Check out his selection below and be sure to catch him in Brooklyn this Friday.

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City People – It’s all in the Groove

I’ve been playing this record ever since I got a copy from fat cat records in the uk. As a buyer at a shop, I laced every house DJ in Detroit with a copy of it. It’s nice to see a reissue of this on MCDE.

Boob Jazz – Midnight Ceremony

Probably the holy grail of all Needs productions. This is in serious deep house territories right here. It’s just a masterpiece from start to finish.

Master C & J – Face It

This is one record that stands the test of time. This is just a pure classic coming from Chicago. I almost lost my mind when I heard Danny Krivitt play it at Body & Soul in NYC while he filtered all the hi end out it it with the isolator! I’ll never forget that Master C & J ‘Face it’ moment.

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Peven Everett – Simmer

This is a tune with one of the sickest basslines I ever heard in a house track. This is a heads track. I owe Giles Smith from Secret Sundaze for getting me an extra copy of this. It’s so rare, there isn’t even a copy listed on Discogs. There needs to be a serious repress of this.

Mike Denhert – Losange

This is probably one of my favorite techno tracks in the last two years. The bassline in this track will hurt you! I bought 3 copies of this when it came out.

Mike Huckaby is playing at Good Room on April 15 with Basic Soul Unit, Soramimi and Ne Sileas. Tickets available here. Check out Good Room's April calendar below:


[via: Good Room]

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