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For many audiophiles and vinyl junkies, a single scratch on a vinyl record can seriously take away form the listening experience, but that may be a thing of the past thanks to a freshly patented nanotechnology.

A company in Japan called Ulvac recently unveiled their creation at the Hi-End Audio Show in Taiwan. They presented records that featured a nano-coating of the chemical molybdenum, which is used to prevent scratches along with mold and static.

According to the Taipei Times, Ulvac's vice chief executive officer Clare Wei is responsible for developing the new nanotechnology. She invested more than US$4.64 million in order to develop the project, which now has patent rights in the US, Japan, China and Taiwan.

As the vinyl boom continues to impact the music industry more company's are looking to enhance the listening experience. A company in Austria recently developed high definition vinyl and more vinyl presses have entered the market. 

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[via: The Vinyl Factory]
[photo by vinyl Moehre]

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