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Nick AM often produces music that possesses something more than just a beat you can dance to. Instead he tends to focus on an underlying message or story, which yields fascinating results and a more naturally creative feel. Dance music can get stale if there isn't a driving force behind it, and Nick AM refuses to let his music fall into the over saturation of the scene. 

His latest offering comes in the form of 'Veronica', a dancefloor ready House track that also plays with the dark notions of judgement, sins and the afterlife. We got the chance to ask him about the new music and he's shared an intriguing poem to go along with the track. Read his thoughts below:

She opens a door
Her judgment calls
Ring of the clock
To hell she falls
Repent for your sins and life you'll take
Repeat them again a fateful mistake'
She closes prayer and earth is bore
But in due time returns a whore
Opens a door
Her judgment calls
Ring of the clock
To hell she falls

Last we heard from you we premiered your track with Hunt for the Breeze. What have you been up to since then? 

I've been working on a lot of new music and trying to figure out the meaning of life, but also avoiding that question as much as possible cause it's scary. The worlds becoming a really scary place. Or maybe it always has been and I'm just becoming more aware of it. I often feel selfish sitting in my room and making "art" because there's so many people that need help in the world. Hopefully my music can help people in some sort of way. There's music that's helped me emotionally in dark times. So to answer your question I guess I've been trying to figure out my purpose (shoutout Bieber).

This new track has a mysterious motif, what were you going for when writing the music?

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It's actually supposed to tell a weird story I came up with when writing the track. The subject Veronica has done some things in her life that some might judge as sinful, and the track is a sonic representation of her nightmare. In her dream Veronica finds herself in a church and begins running down a corridor. A door shuts and she finds herself in hell. It's menacing and scary as one would believe hell to be, so she starts running without realizing she's getting deeper and deeper into hell. Finally she enters Satan's lair where he makes a deal with her, stating that if she promises to be pure she can return to earth. She agrees to the deal and is directed to walk though a door, but once she passes through she finds that the Devil tricked her because she's back in hell again.

What made you want to write a poem to pair with the release?

I was initially a bit embarrassed to admit the story behind this song publicly, so logically I wrote a poem instead. If you didn't ask me about it I would've just let the poem speak for the track. 

Any big plans for the rest of 2016?

Just to stay hopeful and do good. And not die.

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[Photo by Dash Grey]

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