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Nick Monaco Announces Sophomore Album ‘Half Naked’ via Soul Clap's Crew Love Records

Listen to 'Physical Therapy', which sets the album on fire with Nick’s strong percussive and vocal experimentation
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Nick Monaco

Nick Monaco returns to Crew Love with his follow up to last years Mating Call that looks to reveal more of his unique personality without any restrictions. 

On Half Naked, Nick's songwriting is given new life as he develops substance by diving deep into his personae and writing songs simply for himself. He confidently embraces vulnerability, and feels free to share a piece of himself like he has never done before. If Mating Call was Nick dipping his feet into the water, Half Naked is Nick unabashedly diving in head first.

Featuring a remarkable list of collaborators, but more so good friends, Nick brings together a plethora of talent to deliver material that oozes intimacy with every note. David Marston’s brilliance on guitar contributes undeniable weight to the sound of the album, while Roland Harper lends his sultry vocals on an imaginative track. Rounding out the talented roster is Richard Kennedy of Hercules & Love Affair acclaim who lends his talent on a special collaboration, showcasing a diverse range of sound that defies classification. 

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As an innovative companion piece to the album, Nick has collaborated with a young perfumer from Thailand by the name of San to make his own fragrance line, appropriately named Half Naked. Creating a fully immersive sensory experience, the listener can smell along as they listen to each track, with San working with Nick to create a unique scent based on each song.

Listen to the first single off the album titled 'Physical Therapy' and look for the album coming June 10 via Crew Love Records.

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