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Pioneer DJ Previews Their First Hardware Sampler

Pioneer DJ and synth Guru Dave Smith have created a new sampler.

Pioneer DJ is bringing a new addition to DJ booths and stage setups this summer with the announcement of its Toraiz SP-16 sampler. The Toraiz is a compact sampler and step sequencer that includes analog filters based on the Prophet-6 synthesizer developed by Dave Smith. 

The Toraiz SP-16 also features a 16-step sequencer, full-color touch screen control, performance pads with velocity mode, and Pro DJ link. Pioneer is also promising connectivity with DAWs and synths "at a later date."

"I think it's important for DJs to expand beyond showing up with a laptop, and make things more musical, more live, more risky," said Dave Smith.

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The Toriaz SP-16 arrives this summer with a price of $1,499. Check it out below. 

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