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Techno with a Touch of Acid from Brothers Black - Annexe EP on Bade Records [Premiere]

The new release from Brothers Black is already getting support from the industry's leading Techno producers
Brothers Black

Brothers Black

UK based Techno imprint Bade Records heads into spring with the Annexe EP, a four tracker from label founders James Sison and Edward Antonio as Brothers Black.

The two artists are indeed brothers as their moniker states, but their bond goes way beyond family ties. James and Edward are leading the charge for underground Techno with a dynamic style that has grabbed the attention of industry heavyweights like Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Mr. G, Stacey Pullen, Agoria, Benjamin Damage and many others. Both experienced DJs in their own right, they run Bade Records with a constant attention to detail and their new release is a clear example of a maturing sound from the two producers.

We linked up with Brothers Black to discuss their outlook for Bade Records, how they approached writing the new music and what we can expect from them down the line. Listen to the Annexe EP below and look out for the release on April 11.

You guys are brothers, who collaborate on music and also co-founded BadeRecords. What is the dynamic like working together?

We both initially started producing and DJing separately a few years ago, but gradually over time started DJing together. We then co-founded the label with two of our good friends (co-founders Talk&Smoke) and eventually made a decision to work together after we finished uni. Considering that we live and work together we spend an awful lot of time with each other, but we push each other hard and are quite competitive so the dynamic works well.

What made you want to start your own label?

The decision to start Bade was a joint one between us and our fellow co-founders Talk&Smoke. All four of us have been involved in music in some way or another from our early teens - we all started in bands before gravitating towards electronic music. Bade was the result of our combined passion and interests for music.

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What do think allows your label to stand out from other underground imprints?

As a young British label we came about at a time where German and Italian deep house and melodic techno was just entering the peak that it’s in now. We’ve always had a focus on melodic music and intend for our future releases to remain this way. We’re still finessing this ‘Bade’ sound, but we have a clear vision of the kind of music that we’d like to put out, and our next few releases will highlight this.

The tracks start out fairly minimal and build into this crescendo of Techno dominance, was there a specific theme involved when writing the music? There seems to be a nice bit of acid in each track.

As we only started working together last May our writing process has had to develop quite a lot. We’ve always liked the slow build of tracks but focussed on grooves to make sure that they work in a club environment. We always start out with a jam and structure the sounds around that. We’re also huge fans of acid and acid sounds, so you’ll notice a fair bit more of it in our future output as well!

You also put on events, some big ones coming up with Alan Fitzpatrick, Happa, Answer Code Request and more. Was Bade a party before it was a label or the other way around, and how did it all come about?

The parties are actually a later development that emerged from the label - we seem to have done things the other way around! We ran our first party just over a year ago at the old Plan B basement (about 120 capacity) and it was well received. We graduated to BAR A BAR in Stoke Newington for our next one last September, before agreeing that we wanted to put on a special showcase of artists who inspire us both with their productions but also as DJs and live acts. Oval Space is the perfect venue to showcase these kinds of artists, and we’re incredibly excited to welcome Answer Code Request, Happa and Hiver on May 27th. Before that we’re incredibly excited to host The Tunnel with Alan Fitzpatrick at Motion for Bristol-based promoter Apex. We’ll both supporting on both occasions with Talk&Smoke.

What's next for you as artists, the label and any other future plans?

We’ve just moved to Berlin about a month ago so are getting nice and settled here! We’ve got some upcoming EPs on NYC/Berlin label Safer at Night in May, and Berlin label Voxnox Records later in the summer, and a single on Trndmusik in September. We’ve got an amazing UK artist forthcoming on Bade following our release and much more to come for the Bade Presents series. Watch this space!

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