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PSA: DJs Please Get Off The Microphone

We are there to enjoy the music, not hear you tell us to jump every single song
(photo via Wikimedia Commons)

(photo via Wikimedia Commons)

I want to start off by saying that the image above is to showcase effect, not point out any of the DJs portrayed in this article. With that being said, this is what we mean, the microphone probably shouldn't be in his hand. 

Every now and then it happens, a DJ set is absolutely riddled with commentary from the DJ so much that it actually takes from the moment and magic of the music. When it happens it can be so off-putting that I have personally stopped going to see DJs live, even though I am a huge fan of their music. 

Well of course, it happened this weekend at Coachella. 

I'm going to leave out the names of the DJs, but let me just describe the situation to you all. 

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Imagine you are so excited to go see one of your favorite DJs and your entire squad is getting amped with anticipation. You get there and the first song starts, it's a hit that everyone knows and is singing along to, but suddenly the music stops. "Hold up, hold up, hold up...let's run that back one more time." The DJ stops the song to play the intro entirely again, which isn't too bad because it happens and that's fine, it was a great intro. 

Halfway through the song the DJ turns the music down and starts talking about their trip out to the desert, and how stoked they are to play for this crowd today. Great! That also happens. We are stoked to see you out here too! 

Then the song continues and transitions into the next song and guess what? It happens again. Why? I think just about every other song was stopped and started at least once for "dramatic effect", but it only took away from the music itself. Then the DJ was literally on the microphone telling the crowd to jump just about every 30 seconds, and that may honestly be conservative for how ridiculous this was. 

There's a few DJs and DJ groups out there that are notoriously known for doing this. I get it, you are hyping up the crowd, but sometimes it just goes way too far. When you're stuck listening to a DJ talk and telling you to jump the entire set, you really don't get the chance to turn up. Being berated with "everybody turn the fuck up right now," every minute just serves the opposite effect. 

Amazing sets can be ruined by this. Using the microphone to hype up the crowd can be a useful tool and if done well it absolutely works wonders. But if it's done wrong, it really can turn a set into a joke. So in order to let it be known, this is just a simple rant asking DJs to stop overusing the microphone, which will just make the moment you do use it that much more engaging. 

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