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Reports Say Stereosonic Has Been Cancelled Permanantly Following Festival Deaths

The touring festival in Australia is one of the biggest in the world

Australia's leading music festival, Stereosonic, is reported to be permanently cancelled, as stated by The Daily Telegraph.

According to the article, event organizers Totem OneLove, which is owned by SFX Entertainment, "are understood" to have been forced to cancel the festival due to a pair of deaths during last year's event. 25 year-old Sylvia Choi and 19 year-old Stefan Woodward died at Stereosonic while three police officers also tested positive for ecstasy and Meth.

The Daily Telegraph article states that Stereosonic founder Frank Cotela said, “I just don’t know what is going on there at Stereosonic,” after being contacted about future events. Cotela also remarked that he's not working on any other festival, saying “Not at this stage no. Maybe in the future I will do something but at this stage there is nothing on the go.”

Stereosonic has yet to confirm the cancellation, but from what we can gather it seems imminent. We'll have more information on this developing story as it arises.

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Watch the aftermovie below, for what could very well be the final Stereosonic ever.

[via: Mixmag]

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