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For many traveling DJs and musicians, having a routine when traveling is of the utmost importance. They can't afford to miss flights or lose bags, which can result in not making it to a gig or not having the right gear with them when performing. RJD2 is one such individual who has been traveling as an artist for over a decade, but he ran into trouble on one of his recent flights. 

RJD2 was furious with American Airlines after he attempted to bring a soft bag, which held records, onto the plane as a carry on item. The situation escalated and he was even threatened to be taken off the flight entirely. 

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RJD2 is an experienced touring musician and went on to state how he has always been allowed to take the same bag with him on flights. American Airlines said the bag would not fit under his seat, but RJD2 said he clearly has done it before.

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American Airlines got word of RJD2's outrage and finally responded to try and understand the situation with more clarity.


After the altercation occurred, RJD2 was let on the plane, but had to check his bag. For a soft bag holding records, this can be a troubling situation. Thankfully, there was no damage to the bag or it's contents. 


[via: THUMP]

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