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Skratch Bastid Performs a Creative Tribute to Prince

Skratch Bastid gets behind his turntables and performs a fitting tribute to Prince
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Acclaimed turntablist, producer and DJ, Skratch Bastid is known for his creativity and innovation behind a pair of turntables. He recently posted a brilliant tribute to Prince after learning of the legendary musician's passing. 

As we have lost many musical icons in 2016, Skratch knows that he can't perform a tribute like this every time someone dies. When introducing the new tribute, he described how he was reluctant to put together this new session: "Not because Prince meant less to me, not even close -- but because I only wanted to do it if & when it felt natural."

So after listening to all his Prince records with his wife, he stubbled on a pair of records that begged for his unique artistic expression.

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He posted his sentiment to Facebook:

"I will miss Prince dearly. I will continue to celebrate his music in my sets and in my spare time. The 5 times I saw him live are memories I hold dearly and inspiration that will never run out. Love for great music should always be evolving, and I discovered new songs of his today through the shares of others celebrating and mourning. His music will live on with all of us, as I'm sure he would have wanted it. May this video bring you positive energy to a sad time. Rest In Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson."

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