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Something Wonderful Supposedly Disturbed Residents 6 Miles Away From Festival Grounds

Too much bass? These residents definitely think so.
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When a music festival pops up on location for a weekend, the impact on surrounding citizens is usually unnoticed by those only there for the event. Of course festival organizers need to work with the authorities as noise complaints are bound to happen, but at Something Wonderful held at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX the locals felt a major disturbance. 

According to NBC, locals in Justin, TX, which is 6 miles from where Something Wonderful was held, said the noise was so loud that pictures on the walls were banging all night.

"Boom, boom, boom, all night. Our walls were pounding all night long," said Velma Buchanan, a Justin resident.

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Something Wonderful concluded at 1:00 AM as Tiesto, Borgore and Markus Schultz closed out three separate stages on the final day.

Ezequiel Mendoza, who attended the festival, was in disbelief when told about people who heard the noise from 6 miles away, but he says the festival was supposed to be inside Texas Motor Speedway.  "The festival was supposed to be in the race track, but in the end it was in the parking lot for some reason."

Locals also experienced an increased disturbances with people streaking and vandalizing homes with toilet paper.

"There were neighbors who also got toilet paper on their homes. There were neighbors who experienced streakers outside," Buchanan said. "The had to make sure their children were inside and the doors were locked."

Watch the news report below for more information.

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