Electronic music is a far broader term than we in the Western world truly realize. Where house and techno dominate the underground, electro indie and commercial EDM lead the radio world. However, there are sub-genres that haven't even broken the surface here in the states, but have huge followings with our allies across the Atlantic. One of these genres happens to be the underdog, Electro-Swing. Not quite there yet in the states, but a name such as Parov Stelar holds huge merit in Europe. 

For this week, Magnetic Magazine has the pleasure of introducing Tobias Kroschel, the one man swing king known as Sound Nomaden, based in Germany. His infectiously fun sound can be heard at the infamous Fusion Festival, just North of Berlin. There he showcases the nostalgic jive of the swing beat with a twist of modern influence. Possessing a talent for blending the old with the new and a huge dash of showmanship, Sound Nomaden is quite the man to hear. 

Coming from a background of playing with live bands in his youth, Tobias can play the drums, guitar and also sing vocals. His journey into electronic music began in his twenties and eventually he discovered Parov Stelar in 2010. At the time, he had only been producing since about 2008, but he kept experimenting by mixing different genres with electronic music. It was then that he began fusing various types of German Balkan Beats and jazz elements into his productions. 


"When I listened to Parov Stelar, I liked the positive energy of the music and the different influences of swing and jazz which gives you a groove while adding the power of the electronic beat. I really liked it, so I began producing that style."

Since 2010, the popularity of Electro-Swing music has gone up in countries such as, Germany, Austria, UK, France and Switzerland. Sound Nomaden's name broke out when he was invited to play at Fusion Festival in 2013. He has performed live all over Europe and his sound made it to Australia for Rainbow Serpent Festival in 2012. For the last two years though, he's expanded his live performance by adding his partner, MSP, who plays the saxophone. 

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"It is different playing together in a mix. I have to prepare a lot more for the set. I always love to play different versions of my songs and I have to remove the saxophone and wind instruments before the gig. I make special live versions, so that MSP can play live and has space to play over the tracks. It's not that free form because when I am DJ'ing, I can be more spontaneous, but when I play as a live act I have to prepare for where he will step in. It is much more special to play live because normally in clubs people are not used to having live music and it gives a lot of power and interaction to the crowd."


Sound Nomaden is always on the move, finding new ways to make his performance enjoyable. He derives a lot of his electronic influence from veterans such as The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. He aims to have his music go beyond listening and bring out the sensation of movement at an event. Currently he is working on a brand new album and looking to release more tracks this year. 

"I want to create a unique set of music. It's really important to me that everyone who is at the party or event, no matter their background, come together, dance together and enjoy a positive feeling throughout the night. It's also important to show the crowd something new, not the typical music they listen to everywhere. It's like I always want to show them something they have never heard before!"

As a special gift to our readers, we get a delicious taste of Sound Nomaden with his exclusive mix for Magnetic Magazine: 

Be sure to check him out on Facebook and Soundcloud!

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