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Stereo Montreal Calls Out Patrons Who Use GHB, Those Caught Will be Banned for Life

"We want our customers to be safe and if this is the only way to keep them safe.... well... c'est la vie."
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Stereo Montreal, a leading nightclub in Canada, is taking a stand against a dangerous drug that seems to be increasing in popularity called GHB.

Most commonly known as a date rape drug, GHB stands for gamma-hydroxybutyrate and is a powerful anesthetic. The drug acts as a depressant on the central nervous system and is used recreationally because of its euphoric effects. The induced reaction can be significantly more severe when mixed with alcohol as symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, aggression or belligerent behavior, seizures, decreased respiration, coma or coma-like sleep as well as loss of memory. With that being said, it's easy to see why the drug could be seen as dangerous, especially in a nightclub setting.

To ensure a safe environment for it's patrons, Stereo Montreal has enacted a new rule that will permanently ban anyone from the venue who is caught with GHB in their possession. 

As a reaction to the new rule, there was backlash from members of the general public expressing their opinions in the comments on Facebook. So to help clarify the situation, Stereo Montreal had this to say:

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"GHB with alcohol or alone is very dangerous because there is no way of judging the concentration of the drug. There is no desinformative anything here. This is total harm reduction. We are educated in this field and have sourced multiple specialists about this. We are not the police. We want our customers to be safe and if this is the only way to keep them safe.... well... c'est la vie."

Those who seemed to be against this new rule were outraged that club organizers were singling out one specific drug. Many are calling Stereo "hypocritical" and "fear mongering" for enacting the new rule. But club organizers are standing their ground and remain focused on the safety of their patrons above all else.

Stereo encourages other nightclubs to enact a similar policy, as they realize that a progressive move like this will receive backlash from a select few in the community. They went on to state that, "Forward thinking is not easy and comes with a lot of negativity. Let's bring back the good vibes without ambulances. No room for that in our world. 1 step at a time. We love you all."

For more information on the dangers of GHB, read The Dark Side of GHB: Something to be Concerned About.


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