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The EDC Las Vegas 2016 Trailer Has Landed

We can finally start getting excited about one of the world's biggest dance music festivals
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Get ready to get excited. This years Electric Daisy Carnival will be the biggest ever, and with this being the 20 year anniversary, you can expect to be blown away. 

Each stage tells a different story, from the trap heavy Cosmic Meadow to the techno booming Neon Garden. The trailer takes you on a journey through the stages and showcases most, but not all, of what EDC has to offer.

What the trailer lacks to show are some of the favorite smaller stages, like the Funk House Stage and Stage 7, but it does do justice to the enormity that is EDC LV. If you have some time today, definitely check it out!

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Ps: It does not reveal the lineup so stay tuned.

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