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The Rider for Skrillex and Diplo Has Leaked

Diplo's rider used to include a few outrageous items, like “one parrot that is trained to say your name"
Jack U: Diplo & Skrillex

Musicians are known to request ridiculous items on their rider, but Diplo is notorious for being extremely over the top. 

In 2012, The New York Post’s Page Six published one of his most creative and hilarious demands, which included "one parrot that is trained to say your name", “one dart board (with Nicolas Cage’s face on it)”, the “third season of Lost (on VHS tapes)" and even “one Gorilla (Silverback is preferred, an Orangutan is also acceptable)”. More recently however, he seems to have toned it down and a leaked document gives us insight.

Skrillex may have told Diplo to take it easy on the demands as their joint rider has just been leaked, revealing what the artists like to have in their dressing room and on stage during the show. 

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There isn't anything too crazy listed this time, perhaps the most interesting is 12 caesar salads with "NO croutons", 6 bottles of Kombucha, an assortment of H&M shirts, and lighters that can't be white. 

See for yourself below.


[via: Mixmag]

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