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Whether you're at work, driving, relaxing or having a party, these are five channels that are sure to keep everyone in the right mood. 

1. Selected. 

  • Subscribers: 2,337,241 
  • Selected is a deep house dedicated music-blog, dj-team and record label focusing on groovy deep house that's perfect for a house party or casual listening.

2. Majestic Casual 

  •  Subscribers: 4,258,737 
  • Majestic Casual showcases what they deem to be the best electronic, deep house, experimental, hip-hop, indie, and pop music. As part of the Majestic brand, which is based in Germany, it's one of the most prominent music blogs on Youtube. They generally post more down-tempo and chill deep house tunes, which are great for casual listening or long drives. 

3. The Sound You Need

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  • Subscribers: 5,362,810
  • The Sound You Need focuses on bringing incredible music to the forefront, even if artists are unknown, as long as the songs are great. Boasting the "finest music of our time," as it's slogan, TSYN has amazing song selection across different genres of house music. Their compilation is definitely worth checking out as well and you can expect them to be dropping another in the near future.

4. MrRevillz

  • Subscribers: 2,920,336
  • MrRevillz is full of chill, disco, garage, hip-house, house, and indie tracks. This channel will span deep house and more chill future bass vibes that will keep any pool party going. No matter what, if you have Mr. Revillz on, you can be sure the next song will always be exactly what you need. 

5. La Belle Musique 

  • Subscribers: 1,761,718
  • La Belle Musique has a lot more mixtapes than any other channel here, although all of these pages have mixtapes. La Belle Musique is the perfect source for if you want to listen to an hour of music all the way through and discover countless new favorite tracks. Beautiful house music, for all occasions. They have even started to do live events around Europe. 

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