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Time Warp Argentina Organizers Arrested Following Festival Deaths

An investigation is currently taking place and the head of Dell Producciones is still at large
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Soon after it was reported that 5 people died with another 4 in critical condition following Time Warp in Buenos Aires, Federal Judge Sebastian Casanello called for the arrest of the festival organizers. 

Dell Producciones is the focus of the investigation, with Maximiliano Avila, the company's attorney, and Carlos Maria Garat, who was in charge of the festival's evacuation plan, already in custody. Adrian Conci, who is the head of the company, is still at large and authorities have a list of 30 people in total that are cited.

Festival organizers are now facing charges for facilitating a place to purchase drugs and negligence that resulted in the death of 5 people at the event. 

As a result the mayor of Buenos Aires has also indefinitely banned large scale dance music events from taking place in the city.

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Time Warp has released an official statement: 

We are dismayed and deeply saddened by the death of five young people at Time Warp Buenos Aires. Our thoughts are with the relatives of the deceased and the five visitors who are still under medical treatment. We pray for their quick recovery.

The German Time Warp companies, "Planwerk Events GmbH & Co KG“ and "cosmopop GmbH“, were not in any way involved in the local organization and planning of the festival. We are listening to your complaints. At the moment
we are trying to get a clear picture.

The organizer of the event will refund the money for the second day, corresponding to the value of your ticket. Please email to obtain your refund.

We will keep you updated.

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