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Todd Terje & The Olsens Announces New EP of Classic Disco Covers

Forget re-edits though, this is "The Big Cover-Up" and the Olsen crew have hit the studio with all guns blazing on this wild version excursion.
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Todd Terje

Todd Terje & The Olsens have announced their first official release as a group with The Big Cover-Up, an EP consisting of classic disco covers. 

As Norway's premier disco troop, Todd Terje & The Olsens have been breathing new life into the scene with their nostalgic yet forward thinking and futuristic motif. The new release will further engrain their spot as true innovators within dance music, consisting of 8 tracks on 2x12" vinyl. 

The Big Cover-Up includes songs by Martin Denny/Yellow Magic Orchestra, Martin Circus, Boney M, and Vangelis, as well as remixes of those numbers by the likes of Daniel Maloso, Dan Tyler, Prins Thomas, and Øyvind Morken. Listen to 'Baby Do You Wanna Bump' remix by Daniel Maloso below and look out for the EP to drop in June.

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A1 Firecracker (by Yellow Magic Orchestra / )
A2 Disco Circus (by Martin Circus)
B1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump (by Boney M)
B2 La Fete Sauvage (by Vangelis)
C1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Daniel Maloso remix)
C2 Firecracker (Dan Tyler remix)
D1 La Fete Sauvage (Prins Thomas remix)
D2 Disco Circus (Øyvind Morken remix)

The Big Cover-Up is set to be released on June 17th, 2016 via Olsens Records.


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