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Since emerging in 2012 with his unique sound profile, Tor has continued to showcase how dynamic electronic music can be, merging the aesthetics of dusty samples with polished production. Beautifully emotive and filled with rich textures, his sonic output transcends classification as each track takes on a life all it's own. With Tor getting set to release his sophomore album on Emancipator's Loci Records, he presents us with 'Days Gone', a song that we can put on repeat and get lost in for hours. Here's how Tor describes his vision for the new track:

"'Days Gone' is about trying different sounds & ideas that I haven't done before. Taking a vocal chop and letting that loop and be the backbone of the song, while having the percussion and other elements build and release tension behind it. Also the way the chord progression works around the vocal was different and interesting to me."

Blue Book will be released June 3 via Loci Records.

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