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Web Apps To Bring Out Your Musical Side

You may not be Daft Punk, but these apps might make you feel that way
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Indredibox's homage to Daft Punk

Making music is hard. You either have an innate talent for it or strive for years on learning something… you can’t just open a website, click a few buttons and then call yourself a musician! Or can you? 

Luckily, the internet has now given us a few options that we can play around with – possibilities that make us think, "Yeah, I am musically-gifted after all!" Online gaming sites like this feature a couple of free music-related games such as Music Battle and Record Run that are more on the fun side of tuneful gaming, but there are also some pretty funky and simple web apps that let you make music. 

Essentially like having a virtual (and talented) band at your fingertips, Incredibox allows you to create a track using animated singers and beatboxers. Sounds crazy? You have to see it to believe it. Available to play in four online versions, each with their own distinct style, Incredibox is also available on the App Store for $1.99. Once you think you’ve got a good sound, you can record your track and upload it for the world to hear. Sure, these tracks aren’t likely to break the Billboard Hot 100 anytime soon, but they are quirky in their own way and fun to produce. 

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Tonematrix is addictive 

Tonematrix is basically a web-based Tenori-on, which is a unique Japanese electronic instrument, used by musicians such as Björk, Little Boots, Hans Zimmer, Four Tet, and even Bill Bailey. Similar to this sequencer we covered a while back, what starts out as a few nice-sounding bleeps and bloops, can often turn into a cacophony of electronica if you’re not careful. Any colored square will make a different noise, so it’s up to the user to attempt to make something worth listening to. There is an option (albeit somewhat complex) to add drums, but just toying around with the little musical squares is enjoyable enough. 

If you’re someone who is always tapping their foot and holding a pen like a drumstick, this web app is for you. A rhythm test over at will see how good you are at keeping a beat, making you click along to see if you’re on time. You’ll even get a graph at the end, letting you know if you are indeed the next Keith Moon. 

With all those games and apps, we hope we’ve at least inspired you to create the next musical masterpiece! 

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