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The bookended Grade ‘A’ months of April through August that subsume the light in our lives we look forward to so much each year is upon us. The sunsets are more pungent, the heat paints our skin enticing, calendars are filled to the brim with celebrations and favorite faces, and the spirits of revel, love and chill are infectious. 

I look forward to this time of year restlessly not only because it’s daylight savings time and I’m needy with sunshine but because we make such an effort in everything we do. Work hard, work out, clean out, clean up, find that gem, find a reason to wear less clothes, make plans and make moves because there’s never been a better time to do it. I can already tell my friends and family are hustling, finding their groove for the year, explosively growing and we are all gonna be two stepping in unison in no time as we enjoy our accomplishments, ourselves and each other. Live in the sun and live rich as a Prince.

“Say It ft. Tove Lo” Flume, Future Classic

The #5 of the new ‘Skin’ Flumenu is a tasty bite with the wonderful Tove Lo swoonin us over Flumey Flume’s wompage that bites back. Really looking forward to the new album from the man rocking Coachella 2016 hard. Those that were there last weekend can attest, the aussie knows wassup and is bigger and basking us in his light than ever.

“What Do You Want feat. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges” Justin Jay & Friends

The wait is over, at least for me. I edited this track out of Justin’s Desert Hearts mix months back just so I could have it to listen to on repeat. It hasn’t lost its touch and he’s even upped the game with the finished product. It is an infectious song that will be sung out all summer no f’n doubt. This comes off Justin’s latest EP “Fantastic Voyage Pt 1” out last week that’s full of equally lovely diddies.

“Make Me Feel” Sonny Alven

The right hand of the tropfather Kygo is a good position to hold, and lucky for Sonny Alven he’s been chosen to open for the young megastar on the his ‘Cloud Nine Tour’. The first track of his new upcoming EP has club appeal and will get the bikini and boardie booties shakin.

“Clearest Blue (Gryffin Remix)” CHVRCHES

This is a rip version so I’ll hold my breath for how long it stays up. My favorite track on CHVRCHES new album is already a banger and Gryffin’s more delicate arrangement is no slouch on the couch. It’ll get you up and groovin, with a thumpin bassline and clap along appeal.

“Once” Lucas Champon

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Love this joint right here. Just fun to shoulder shimmy to with a funky disposition and well lit synthy attitude. Lucas Champon is just gearing up with new tracks including his equally chill ‘Chimera’ out last month. Looking forward to a solid 2016 from this French lad.

“Burn Wild (Young Bombs Remix)” ROZES

Ready for a little pep to your step and by pep I mean pop and by pop I mean EXPLOSION? The Young Bombs are here with a gunship of jumpin tunes that are rivaling Lost Kings for pop and fun appeal. No wonder they’re on tour together. These Canadian guys remind me of The Chainsmokers in a great way -- the production is crisp and they seem like a damn good time to get down to. Party on.

“World Of Our Love” Client Liaison, Remote Control Records

The latest from the 80’s locked Aussie well dudded duo is a mesmerizing sexy one. It makes you wanna fall in love in the sun with a sunsoaked shinin something. Don’t mind if I do.

“Venice Venture” Big Wild

A favorite of mine and strong presence in the DoLab at Coachella Weekend 1, Big Wild is stompin to the jungle beat. This is an oldie but a less known goodie by my standards that needs to be rocked this weekend. If you haven’t heard the vocal version of ‘Aftergold’ you should throw that on after this playlist is done.

“I'm In Control (SAINT WKND Remix)” Aluna George

You gotta feel good if you manage to slay an already incredibly good Aluna George banger. SAINT WKND’s jazzy smooth layering is perfect paired with her incredibly sexy voice. Enjoy this 420 treat from the man with a good soundsystem and solid buzz of something.

“Contact High Mixtape” Poolside

My boys Poolside are back with a salacious new mixtape that is taking the place of the ten song this week. It is so dang groovy and bouncin and the best mix I’ve heard in a minute. Highly recommend you give it a listen this weekend like I did back at the campsites at Coachtown last weekend. Perfect way to ease into the evening or ease out. Cannot wait for some new tunes by these dudes. Please. Now How bout now...Now?

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