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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - April 25th, 2016

New music from the likes of Maduk, High Contrast, Delta Heavy, Spectrasoul and more.

Apologies for the tardiness in the dnb camp of late. But never fear, the heavens have opened recently and outpoureth these devastating tunes. So much stonking! Album releases, festivals incoming - there's cracking stuff coming from all angles and all camps and it's all flying at my face at once. I promise to be better from now on. You will be so informed you will want to flee screaming from me and my perseverance in the face of drum and bass on-top-of-it-ed-ness!! Let alone my imperious grasp of the English language. Scouts honor.

"The Light" - TC & Metrik [Hospital Records]

TC’s upcoming album has a seriously sweet title. 'Unleash The Wolves’ is out in May and this is but a little taster of the heavy that is undoubtedly in store. Nose wrinkler.

"Remind Me" - High Contrast [3Beat]

New label for the big fella...although Tony Colman's recent remarks on the Hospital podcast send the reassuring message that he'll always be part of the Hospital fam.

"The End"- Maduk ft. Voicians [Hospital Records]

"One Last Picture" also good but this won me over in the end with the up tempo...Maduks first EP with Hospital, 'Never Give Up', is coming out soon...

"Airhead" - Tantrum Desire [Technique Recordings]

Tech is leading the charge on the Beatport chart this week - and for the last couple of weeks actually. MASSIVE.

"Bad Omen" - Neonlight [Blackout Music NL]

Epic 80's introduction morphing into something completely carnivorous.

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"Us (Delta Heavy Remix) - Kaskade & Cid [Warner Bros. Records]

Is there any tune Delta Heavy can not kick the shit out of? If there is, I have yet to hear it. Absolute maverick ability.

"Conformity - InsideInfo [Viper Recordings]

InsideInfo first earnt my love after I Shazamed 'Metamorphosis' in a ravercise clase (yes ravercise, leave it alone). This is more of his creeping, crawling variety of drum and bass and I wholeheartedly recommend.

"4URGH" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat Music]

Spectra's new label representing! Warping and wobbly, with a grunt you can feel all the way inside.

"Beneath the Surface of the Seas" - Rawtekk

Dark drum and bass directly out of Germany. Rawtekk’s graphics scare the pants off me and his tracks are disjointed, bass laden artistry. This track actually makes my heart feel funny. Vague feelings of discomfort have never felt so good.

"Whisper To Me" - Pola & Bryson ft. Sammie Bella [Liquicity]

I need someone to bloody whisper to me after the impending heart attack brought about by that last track. Instrumental island vibes - Pola & Bryson be more liquid than a bucket full of water. And that's very liquid, I think you'll agree.

The whole darn ting:

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